Abu Dhabi-based GAMCO and Oman Air have announced their intention to form a new joint venture company, specialising in regional aircraft maintenance, to be based at Seeb International Airport, Oman.

The new company, provisionally titled GAMCO Oman, is due to be launched in January next year. It will support the accelerating development of Oman Air and provide technical services to airlines throughout the Arabian Gulf region.

Oman Air is in the process of replacing its Airbus A320 aircraft with regional turboprops and wide-bodied Airbus 310s. The new company will maintain the regional aircraft while GAMCO will handle the Airbus 310s in Abu Dhabi.

Allan Dollie, managing director of GAMCO, says: "This represents a major step forward for GAMCO, realising our strategic objective of expansion within the Arabian Gulf.

"We have actively sought this alliance with Oman Air and it is clear that both partners will benefit from the joint venture. It is wonderful news for both the United Arab Emirates and for Oman."

Source: Flight Daily News