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  • Bombardier sees demand for higher-density Q400s

Bombardier sees demand for higher-density Q400s

Bombardier is expecting to see increased demand for higher-density Q400s, although there appears to be little movement on a Q400X stretched derivative years after it was first mooted.

"With the Q400, we're starting to see customers going to higher densities," said Bombardier European sales vice-president Steven Aliment, speaking during a media briefing at the European Regions Airline Association general assembly in Barcelona.

"[Portuguese carrier] SATA has gone for 80 seats, giving them incredible economics for their jet replacement. I think we'll see more Q400 operators pushing their Q400 seat counts up," he says.

While plans for a stretched version of the Q400 appear stagnant, Bombardier Commercial Aircraft president Gary Scott insists the airframer remains committed to the Q400X concept: "Definitely a larger Q400 is in our future, it is just the matter of timing which is still to be determined. I think there is too much interest from our customers for us not to do it."

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