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JAC flight attendant injured in ATR 42 'upset'

Japanese investigators are probing an in-flight upset involving an ATR 42-600 during which a flight attendant was injured.

The Japan Air Commuter turboprop (JA01JC) had taken off from Kagoshima for Tanegashima on 12 October.

Japan Transport Safety Board says the aircraft had been some 35nm north-north-west of Tanegashima, and was descending through 3,200m (10,500ft) when the incident occurred.

The preliminary notification states that the aircraft was "shaken", but does not indicate whether this was due to turbulence or other circumstances.

Japan had been threatened by the approaching typhoon Hagibis on 12 October, although Tanegashima was located on the outer fringes of the storm.

Meteorological data for the airport at the time indicates good visibility and no adverse conditions, with winds from the north-west at about 18kt.

While the ATR was close to its destination, a cabin crew member suffered a fracture, and the pilots opted to return to Kagoshima where the aircraft landed some 40min after its departure.

Cirium fleets data shows the ATR 42-600 was delivered new to the regional carrier in January 2017.

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