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  • Low-pressure compressor completes Vital tests

Low-pressure compressor completes Vital tests

A low-pressure compressor, integrated into an aeronautic engine fan module, has successfully completed a seven-week test programme as part of the European Union's Environmentally Friendly Aero Engines (Vital) programme.

US-European joint venture Techspace Aero and the Moscow-based Central Institute of Aviation Motors carried out the low- and high-speed rotation tests.

They say the fan module aims to reduce aircraft engine noise and carbon dioxide emissions by making the low-pressure compressor more compact and lighter by improving aerodynamics.

The new technology will now be embedded in engines being developed under the Leap X programme carried out by CFM International, which aims to drastically reduce fuel burn.

Techspace Aero is 56%-owned by Safran, a CFM parent company. Other Techspace shareholders are Belgium's Federal Investment, Pratt & Whitney and the Walloon region.

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