Following correspondence from two readers questioning the physical appearance of the Royal Navy Sea Harrier FA2 fighter shown on the cover of the 28 March-3 April issue of Flight International, we can reassure readers that the platform has not been doctored in any way.  Any impression that the aircraft is banana-shaped is merely due to a trick of perspective. The image (a full version of which is pictured below) was enhanced only with the addition of cloud, necessary to provide contrast to the magazine's coverlines of text.

Jamie Hunter of Aviacom photographed the 801 NAS-operated aircraft - the last of which was decommissioned yesterday - from the tail ramp of a C-130 transport late last year, using a 24-105mm zoom lens, which compressed the image. To see more of Jamie's work please visit his website.

Read defence editor Craig Hoyle's first hand account of exactly what it's like to fly a multi-million dollar fighter very low and very, very fast when he has the opportunity to fly in – and take control of – a Royal Air Force Harrier T10 trainer

Harrier photo W445

Source: Flight International