Travel Service Airlines has received its first Boeing 737 Max 8, one of 10 the Czech airline is taking on operating lease from GE Capital Aviation Services (GECAS).

The airline, the Czech Republic's largest, operates under the SmartWings brand. The aircraft joins Smartwings’ existing all-737 fleet which comprises two 737-700s and five -800s.



Flight Fleets Analyzer shows that Travel Service has 23 additional 737 Max 8s on order through a mix of direct orders and leases. The airline also operates four 737-800s and two -900ERs along with four Cessna Citations.

“GECAS has been a partner with Travel Service since its inception with five 737-800s currently on lease," says Felix McArdle, senior vice president of sales & marketing at GECAS. He adds that the aircraft is the first of 10 that GECAS will be leasing to Travel Service.

“As Travel Service is dynamically expanding and growing, the new Boeing 737 Max will fully support our ambitious development plan and competitive advantage,” says Roman Vik, chief executive of Travel Service.

Source: Cirium Dashboard