The aviation industry is undergoing one of the most significant crises in its history – one with unprecedented challenges to bounce back from. In the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic, operators will need to think laterally about their route to recovery – and specifically how they adapt a fleet of aircraft that no longer meet their purpose.

Destination Next is a campaign supported by a partnership of independent aviation professionals who have united to show the industry that a solution lies within an aircraft they already know – the Airbus A330.

With low direct operating costs, readily available aircraft in the market and changing consumer demand, the Airbus A330 is the next destination for airlines and cargo operators responding to the challenges and opportunities in a post-pandemic world.

The partnership’s mission

As aircraft and engine owners, OEMs and industry stakeholders, the group has come together through a shared understanding of the capabilities of this well-known aircraft and their drive to kick-start the recovery process. They are acutely aware of the mutual benefits that leasing used A330s can bring to operators in the current environment – and for the safeguarding of the aviation industry as a whole.

Throughout the Destination Next campaign – in a series of whitepapers and articles – the group will highlight ways to harness the versatility, reliability and cost-efficiency of the A330 so that operators have the information they need to plan a clear route to recovery.

In addition to learning material, airlines can use a custom-built economic model to compare how the A330 competes against other popular aircraft on their operating routes. The model runs on data that has been sourced by independent authorities and can be found on the Destination Next website.

The Destination Next Supporters and Partners

  • Air Partner plc
  • Altavair
  • BBAM Aircraft Leasing & Management
  • Deucalion Aviation
  • EFW
  • FPG Amentum
  • Global Knafaim Leasing Ltd.
  • Lufthansa Technik
  • Orix Aviation
  • Rolls-Royce & Partners Finance Ltd
  • Rolls-Royce plc
  • Seraph Aviation Group
  • SGI Aviation

Why the Airbus A330?

The short answer is that particularly within the context of a post-pandemic world, used A330s are adaptable, available and reliable in ways that few competitors can rival. The proven versatility, right-sizing and low direct operating costs of this familiar aircraft mean it can fit quickly and seamlessly into many operations.


This aircraft is flexible and effective in different roles – its ability to right-size means it’s as suited to short trips and long haul flights as it is for carrying cargo. This creates a clear commercial case for multiple operators from short to long-hauliers, to freighters and start-up airlines.


As a globally known and trusted aircraft, the A330 has readily available access to spare parts, engineers, MROs, and crews.


Airlines can take advantage of competitive prices for used A330s, which, combined with low direct operating costs, mean costs-per-seat can be kept low.

This is only a quick glance at why leasing used A330s is a unique opportunity for airlines to adapt and innovate during present circumstances, and well into the future. Through the Destination Next campaign, the group hopes to share more insight into channelling this opportunity for the recovery and long-term prosperity of the aviation industry as a whole.

Explore Destination Next

Or, see for yourself how the A330 can slot into your business need with the economic model.