The company PBS GROUP, a leading Czech manufacturer of turbine engines, auxiliary power units (APU), and aircraft environmental control systems (ECS), aims to significantly strengthen its position and become the world’s largest supplier of small jet engines for cruise missiles by 2030. Currently, the company supplies engines to a wide range of countries, with the United States and EU member states constituting its primary key markets. However, the company also collaborates with other strategic partner countries such as Israel and Ukraine.

The company aims to achieve its objective primarily by substantially increasing its production capacities in response to the continuously rising demand in significant markets, such as the aforementioned United States as well as Italy, and France. However, PBS GROUP also anticipates growth in selected Asian markets, with a focus on countries like South Korea or India. A portion of PBS GROUP’s production is also currently destined for Ukraine.

“Due to the geopolitical changes that are significantly reshaping the market dynamics, we have observed a notable increase in demand for our products over the past year. This trend is expected to further intensify in the coming years. As a result, we have strategic plans to double our production capacities in the near future,” says Milan Macholán, CEO of PBS Velka Bites, a subsidiary and production facility of PBS GROUP. This expansion of production capacities will entail the recruitment of new employees, along with substantial investments in manufacturing technologies and innovations.

However, the company is also investing in the development of entirely new product solutions, whether through its own efforts or in collaboration with some of the major global players. In this regard, PBS GROUP is exploring opportunities for partnerships in the development and production of innovative products, particularly with some of the largest American manufacturers. “This kind of collaboration is made possible primarily due to our unique know-how, the expertise of our development teams, and a wide portfolio of unique products that we can continue to advance and refine. Currently, we are one of just two engine manufacturers in Europe capable of designing, producing, and testing jet engines for defence applications with a thrust rating of 2,500 N,” says Milan Macholán.

At present, PBS GROUP is pleased to announce its recent partnerships with two major American industry leaders. Teaming up with Pratt & Whitney, the company aims to explore new opportunities in the development of Auxiliary Power Units (APUs), another key product within PBS GROUP portfolio. Concurrently, PBS GROUP is also set to join forces with Lockheed Martin in the production of aircraft components, as part of the industrial collaboration established between the Czech Republic and the USA. Memoranda of cooperation have been signed by PBS GROUP with both companies earlier this year, and additional similar projects are currently in preparation.

In addition to Europe and the USA, PBS GROUP is also strengthening its presence in Ukraine. The goal is not only to support Ukraine in its fight against the unprecedented aggression from the Russian Federation, but primarily to contribute to the post-war revitalization of its industrial sector. This may include the exchange of expertise and experience with leading Ukrainian manufacturers.

A good example of such initiatives is the Memorandum of Cooperation with the Ukrainian company Ivchenko-Progress. The aim of the agreement is to establish a framework for commercial, development and production co-operation on a new 3,400 N thrust engine, which will be a joint product. This engine is expected to be introduced to the market between 2024 and 2025. The memorandum also includes an agreement for an expanded partnership, which is expected to bring further joint commercial and development projects in the aerospace, defence, and energy industries.

All of these specific projects, as well as many others at various stages of their implementation, will contribute to strengthening the position of PBS GROUP in global markets and to achieving the company’s goal of becoming the world leader in the segment of small jet engines for missiles within the next decade.



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