P&W reveals ‘Advantage 70’ detailsPratt & Whitney has unveiled details about its planned “Advantage 70” upgrade package for the PW4168A, which is expected to reduce fuel burn by up to 1.2% as well as lower overall operating costs by as much as 20%.

The PW4168A powers around one-third of the active Airbus A330 fleet. The company, which plans to introduce the package from the end of 2008 on new-build engines as well as for upgrades, is optimistic the “Advantage 70” initiative will help spur new sales as well as rejuvenate existing business.

P&W commercial engine president Steve Heath says “there is some potential for [new sales of the PW4168A on] the freighter version of the A330-200/300”, and says the package – formerly called “Advantage 08” – should boost user confidence in the “100in” (2.54m)-diameter fan version of the PW4000, which he says “already has the lowest operating costs on the A330”.

The package includes high-pressure (HP) compressor ring case improvements derived from the upgrade introduced to counter the surge issues on the 2.38m-diameter PW4000.The compressor change reduces specific fuel consumption through increases in pressure ratio and reduction in tip clearances.

The upgrade, which is also designed to increase "time on wing" by around 10%, incorporates HP turbine (HPT) durabilty improvements to cut maintenance costs.The kit will include a new second stage HPT vane, and improved thermal barrier coatings with half the conductivity of the current material.The first stage vane is also beefed-up for longer life and the turbine will be fitted with more durable outer seals.

Source: Flight International