Israel's Bental Industries has signed a co-operation agreement to integrate its G032 Starter Generator on Germany's 3W International 157ccm unmanned air vehicle engine.

The companies will market the new turnkey power pack jointly, which they say achieves weight and volume reductions over existing 3W engines.

"The platform's endurance and ground operator's safety and ease of operation are also increased," says Bental.

The system chosen for integration on the UAV engine is comprised of a slim design outer rotor starter/generator, generator control unit and drive control for the starter mode unit. The system will be on show at the Bental Industries booth in the Israeli pavilion.

Bental's G032 starter generator is part of the company's newest line of unified starter generators. These generators first start the main motor and then provide power to the rest of the systems that require a power source including the battery.

Source: Flight Daily News