MBDA's PARS 3 long-range air-to-surface missile has undergone a firing campaign with a German Eurocopter Tiger attack helicopter, with the work intended to support ongoing sales campaigns in India.

The Indian army has shortlisted the PARS 3 design among possible weapon systems for its future Hindustan Aeronautics advanced light helicopter fleet, while the infrared-guided type is also being offered by MBDA Deutschland with candidates the Kamov Ka-52 and Mil Mi-28 under a separate attack helicopter requirement. Boeing's AH-64D Apache Longbow is also in contention for the latter deal.

MBDA said a Tiger conducted three test firings in support of the Indian campaign at Sweden's Vidsel test range during April. Two were made against fixed targets from a range of 7km (3.8nm), while the other was a short-range shot at a moving target from 700m.

"All three missiles were equipped with live warheads and all three struck their intended targets at the optimal hit points," the company said.

Source: Flight International