Bombardier has altered its CSeries flight deck, adding a fifth, 15.1in LCD screen to the interface, which is powered by Rockwell Collins Pro Line Fusion technology.

A mock-up of the new five-screen iteration is now in place at Bombardier's Aerospace Product Development Centre (APDC) in St Laurent. It boasts two high-definition screens in front of each pilot and one in the centre. This compares to the previous four-screen offering - one in front of each pilot with the other two stacked in the centre.

The CSeries flight deck features a sidestick with auto throttle, glareshield tuning, integrated overhead panel, virtual panels, a cursor and keyboard and electronic check-list. The cursor control will be the first of its kind to be offered on a narrowbody aircraft, according to Bombardier. Boeing is offering a cursor on the 787 widebody.

Bombardier CSeries flight deck
 © Mary Kirby/Flight International

Single and dual head-up displays and a Class 2 electronic flight bag (EFB) are being offered as optional.

Bombardier new commercial aircraft programme director Ben Boehm says the fifth screen gives added assurance to operators, noting that if one of the top four stopped working, "You can still fly a revenue flight."

A reconfigurable engineering flight simulator (REFS) of the CSeries cockpit is currently in use at the APDC. Bombardier will upgrade the REFS to showcase the new five-screen flight-deck in June.

Source: Air Transport Intelligence news