Flight stablemate Commercial Motor has run an exlcusive story proving the tow power of a 4x4 automobile, with picture proof of the Volkwagen Touareg V10 TDI sports utility vehicle (SUV) acting as tow vehicle for a Boeing 747-200.

The feat was performed at an undisclosed runway near London for an uncoming television commercial following initial trials in Germany.

The decommissioned 747, with an empty weight of around 155t, was towed over 150m (500ft) at an average speed of 8km/h (5mpg) seven times for the cameras (pictured below).

Volkwagen says an initial trial was carried out successfully in Germany with an operational Boeing 747-400 weighing 190t, but that securing use of a working aircraft for the length of a commercial shooting schedule led the team to use a retired British Airways type instead.

The aircraft's engines have been removed, but retains 27t of water in its fuel tanks and original three-class 500-seat configuration inside.

To read more on the stunt, read the Big Lorry Blog from Commercial Motor's Editor-in-Chief Brian Weatherley

Touareg 747

Source: FlightGlobal.com