The Royal Australian Air Force's second of five Airbus A330-based KC-30A multi-role tanker transports has been delivered to its Amberley air base in Queensland.

Formally accepted by Australia's Defence Materiel Organisation on 22 June, aircraft A39-002 follows the first KC-30A, which was delivered three weeks earlier. The newest aircraft arrived at Amberley on 18 June following a ferry flight from Airbus Military's Getafe site near Madrid.

Airbus Military said the third aircraft for its A330 tanker launch operator is currently in conversion at Qantas Defence Services' (QDS) Brisbane facilities in Queensland, and will be delivered before the end of the year. A fourth aircraft for the RAAF is being refurbished following its involvement in earlier certification activities in Europe.

 KC-30A 2 tow - Commonwealth of Australia

KC-30A 2 - Commonwealth of Australia

Both images © Commonwealth of Australia

"The fifth and final aircraft for the RAAF, also converted by QDS, will be delivered in 2012," Airbus Military said. The General Electric CF6-80E-powered fleet will be flown by the service's 33 Sqn.

Source: Flight International