If you see a stampede of eager business jet sales people during Farnborough, it may be that Princess Diana has come shopping.

Rumour has it that the Princess of Wales asked for a private aircraft as part of her recent divorce settlement with Prince Charles. It said she had specified a Learjet.

In the end, she walked away with more than $25 million - but no aircraft as part of the deal.

However, a passion for aircraft is known to linger long after other kinds have cooled, so Farnborough could prove a tempting place to visit.

What could Princess Diana expect for her $25 million?

The global range aircraft such as Global Express and the GV are nudging $30 million, so corporate kings and Hollywood heroes only need apply. Even the existing top-of-the-table aircraft such as the Canadair Challenger ($18.7 million) or the Gulfstream GIV-SP (about $23.5 million) would knock too large a hole out of the settlement.

Her apparent aircraft of choice was the Learjet (what was that about "kings" and "Lear"?). The Learjet 31A comes in at $4.6 million. The Raytheon Beechjet 400A ($5.4 million) or Cessna CitationJet ($3.2 million) might also work within the budget.

The princess could start where most aircraft enthusiasts do - in something turboprop or piston-powered.

In the former class, Raytheon's Beech King Air B200 ($3.7 million) or in the latter, Raytheon's Beech Bonanza A36 ($322,000) might suit.

In the bargain basement, there is always the Yakovlev Yak-18T which will get you off the ground for just $16,000.

The sale of one aircraft, of whatever type, may not be much, particularly as the market in general comes back to life. But closing a deal with arguably the world's most famous woman would be quite a coup.

If the princess shows up at Farnborough, take cover.




Source: Flight Daily News