Rolls-Royce is engaging with its joint venture ITP to carry out intermediate-pressure turbine research for its UltraFan high-bypass engine programme.

The programme aims to develop powerplants with a 25% cut in fuel burn compared with earlier Rolls-Royce Trent engines for long-haul jets.

Under the €43 million research project ITP will design, build and test intermediate-pressure turbine and other aft structures for a demonstrator engine, says Rolls-Royce.

ITP will provide the balance of the funding after a contribution of €23.5 million from European Union finance under its ‘Clean Sky 2’ public-private joint technology scheme.

The company – of which Rolls-Royce holds almost 47% – says the funding amounts to its single-largest investment in technology.

UltraFan is intended to become available from around 2025.

Source: Cirium Dashboard