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    Wrong turn took student's PA-28 into approach path of 737


    South African investigators have found that the student pilot of a Piper PA-28 turned in the wrong direction after an air traffic control instruction, flying just 100ft directly above a Boeing 737-400 on approach to East London airport. The student was conducting a solo navigation flight on 25 August, from ...

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    Unlatched generator unit linked to Safair 737-400 incident


    South African investigators found an engine generator control unit to be unlatched after a Boeing 737-400 suffered a series of system failures on departure from Johannesburg last month.

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    ANALYSIS: Fastjet turns attention to South Africa


    Fastjet’s disclosure on 20 September that it will relocate its headquarters from London Gatwick to Johannesburg came as something of a surprise, given that the airline primarily operates out of Tanzania.