Australia’s plan to combine military and civil air traffic management in a single system is progressing under the OkeSky intitative, with some centres now operating on a unified voice communications system.

Airservices Australia says that air traffic management services in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth have moved to the Civil Military ATM System (CMATS) voice communication system, with Brisbane to follow in 2019.

“The new CMATS voice communications system enables greater efficiency of our air traffic resources, enhances safety outcomes and minimises service disruptions,” says Airservices chief executive Jason Harfield.

“These benefits will be experienced by all users of Australian airspace, from the major airlines and their passengers right through to the smallest ultralight aircraft.”

The unified voice communications platform is a key part of the OneSky initiative, under which Airservices and the Department of Defence will use a single system for air traffic management.

Airservices adds that it and lead contractor Thales are moving to the detailed design phase of the CMATS technical platform, having completed the system definition review.

CMATS will replace The Australian Advanced Air Traffic Control System (TAAATS) and the Australian Defence Air Traffic Control System (ADATS), both of which will soon reach the end of their service lives.

Source: Cirium Dashboard