Sikorsky has sold 19 S-92s to helicopter leasing company Milestone Aviation, a deal which comes on top of a sale in February of three of the multi-mission, twin-engined aircraft. The first two aircraft from this order are scheduled for delivery later this year, with the final aircraft from the latest deal scheduled for delivery in 2016.

These 22 aircraft join a growing inventory of helicopters Milestone has purchased directly from Sikorsky since December 2010, including seven S-76C++ medium twins.

"This acquisition represents Milestone's largest helicopter order to date," says Milestone chairman Richard Santulli. "The S-92 has quickly established itself as one of the dominant helicopters in the world for a range of missions including offshore oil and gas and search and rescue.

"We have a great relationship with Sikorsky and by offering 100% operating lease financing on this aircraft, we can help introduce it to an ever-wider market of high-quality operators around the world," he adds.

The new aircraft will serve a variety of roles with operators worldwide, including transporting workers to offshore oil and gas platforms, air ambulance, search and rescue, and civil defence.

"The offshore oil and gas environment is now the largest area of opportunity for heavy-duty, mission-critical helicopters, and nearly 88% of Milestone's aircraft are currently operating in oilfield services, with more in associated search and rescue tasks. Industry research indicates that this trend is expected to continue for many years," says Milestone

Source: Flight International