FACTORY-remanufactured examples of the Luscombe Silvaire light aircraft, widely regarded as a classic design, are now available from the Luscombe Foundation.

The last Silvaires were produced in 1961 and technical support for the aircraft was unavailable until the non-profit Foundation acquired the type certificate and engineering data in 1992.

The Phoenix, Arizona-based Foundation now has approval to manufacture replacement parts and is providing service support to operators. It has already completed some factory-restorations and has airframes available for remanufacture.

Don Luscombe pioneered sheet-metal monococque construction of light aircraft in the 1940s, and the Luscombe 8-series Silvaires influenced designs produced by Cessna and other general-aviation manufacturers. The Foundation says that a remanufactured Silvaire will cost $25,000-30,000 because of its antique status, compared with $20,000-25,000 for an equivalent, reconditioned, Cessna 150.

Source: Flight International