Last year proved to be the highest ever order level for CFM International in the company’s 40-year history, with an intake of business worth over $31 billion at list prices.

CFM logged orders for a total of 2,723 engines, including 1,330 CFM56 engines and 1,393 Leap engines.

By comparison, CFM booked a total of 1,998 CFM56 and Leap orders in 2012 at a value of $23.5 billion at list price.

CFM is also achieving historic production rates for the CFM56 product line. It delivered 1,502 CFM56s in 2013, compared to approximately 1,420 in 2012.

Current plans are to reach more than 1,700 engines per year by 2019 as the company transitions from CFM56 to Leap engine production. CFM said it has the highest production rate in the industry and has consistently built more than 1,000 engines per year since 2006.

“2013 was a big year for us in so many ways,” says Jean-Paul Ebanga, chief executive of CFM. “The LEAP engine has seen the highest order ramp up in commercial aviation history and we are still more than two years away from entry into service.”

“We are exactly where we wanted to be and how we built the business plan,” says Chaker Chahrour, CFM executive vice-president.

“At the same time, the level of CFM56 engine orders is incredible – they nearly matched our Leap orders for the year,” says Ebanga.

Source: Cirium Dashboard