UAV variants SingaporeTwo new versions of Singapore Technologies’ unmanned air vehicle systems are on display at Asian Aerospace for the first time this week.
Both the FanTail and the Skyblade II have been in development for some time, but have new versions on show at the Singapore Pavilion in Hall A – in Skyblade II’s case, on the back of a first delivery of the model to the Singapore army three weeks ago.
FanTail 5000 is an operational version of the smaller, proof-of-concept 3000 model unveiled at Asian Aerospace 2004.
Capable of vertical take-off and landing as well as horizontal flight, the FanTail is designed for use in urban settings
The new model will be available at the end of the year and features include a new integrated ground-control system, a greater range and the ability to carry an increased payload.
Skyblade II is a mini-UAV system designed for quick deployment by a two-man team that can carry out fully autonomous missions where it can be hand or bungee launched, waypoint-navigated and recovered with a parachute deployment.
Both UAVs can serve as a communications relay, surveillance or reconnaissance aircraft.

Source: Flight Daily News