Julian Moxon/PARIS

FRENCH ENGINE manufacturer Snecma has unveiled the initial configuration of the new 135-220kN (30,000-50,000lb) CFMXX turbofan it wants to develop with CFM International partner General Electric. The engine is unlikely to be launched officially at the show, however, with GE chairman (emeritus) Brian Rowe saying. "We need at least two definite applications," before go-ahead.

Snecma president Bernard Dufour, on the other hand, wants to launch the engine as soon as possible, and, despite denials from Airbus, remains convinced that the consortium will launch growth versions of the A321 and A340. "In five years, when the CFMXX is ready, I am certain that the A322 will be born".

He admits, however that "...Airbus is giving more attention to a shortened version of the A330". Dufour also clings to the hope that the FLA [future large aircraft] European military transport will be turbofan-powered, "...in which case the CFMXX is the right size".

The engine presented at Snecma's 100th anniversary celebration in Paris on 8/9 June features a 2.08m fan, with a ten-stage high-pressure compressor driven by a two-stage turbine, and with a five-stage low-pressure turbine and two-stage low-pressure compressor.

The power plant would form the basis of an entirely new range of mid-thrust power plants, which Rowe says, "...would have to be considerably more advanced than the [Pratt & Whitney] PW2000 and the [Rolls-Royce] RB.211 to be worthwhile".

Work-share is undecided, says Dufour. "We are in the process of looking at the contractual conditions of the collaboration" he says, adding that "...Snecma would like to see the division of work between the partners evolve".

Dufour says that the engine will cost around Fr3 billion ($600 million) to develop, and proposes obtaining the development by a system of re-imbursable funding "...which would not be contrary to the GATT agreement".

Source: Flight International