The number of certificated light-sport aircraft available almost doubled as the Oshkosh show opened, with six more designs added to the approved list. This takes to 13 the number of types awarded special light-sport aircraft airworthiness certificates since the new recreational flying category was introduced in April.

Kappa Big

The latest approvals are for the Aerosport Breezer and Ikarus C42 (above, bottom), both built in Germany by Comco Ikarus; the Aerostar Festival from Romania; the US-built American Legend Cub; the Kappa KP-5 built in the Czech Republic by Jihlavan Airplanes, and the Tecnam Bravo made in Italy.

The Breezer, KP-5 and Festival – as well as the already approved Evektor SportStar, Indus Thorpedo, Tecnam Sierra and TL-Ultralight StingSport – are low-wing aircraft; the rest are high-wing. Most have metal airframes, except for the all-composite StingSport and Flight Design CT, metal-and-composite Fantasy Air Allegro 2000 and fabric-covered Ikarus and Legend Cub.

Source: Flight International