Turkish Airlines and Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) will expand their codeshare cooperation, effective 1 February.

The expanded agreement will see PIA placing its code on Turkish-operated flights to 13 destinations, including eight to United States, as well as to Johannesburg, Athens, Amsterdam, Tashkent and Moscow.

Conversely, Turkish will place its code on PIA's flights from Karachi and Islamabad to Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Muscat, as well as from Lahore to Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

A new special prorate agreement was also signed to replace a previous deal, covering flights to and within Pakistan, as well as to destinations in the US.

FlightGlobal's schedules data shows that Turkish Airlines is the only operator on flights between Turkey and Pakistan, flying from Istanbul to Karachi, Islamabad and Lahore.

"PIA values its commercial relations with Turkish Airlines and expansion of this codeshare will add more value to our commercial ties and be equally beneficial for our customers. We will continue to explore more commercial avenues in future, as well,” adds PIA chief Bernd Hildenbrand.

Source: Cirium Dashboard