South Korea's Ucon Systems has secured a launch order for its RemoEye 006 short-range tactical UAV from the United Arab Emirates air force.

Ucon chairman SangKeun Choi says the UAE signed a contract for two RemoEye 006 systems last month after receiving a demonstration of the hand-launched UAV. The six electrically powered aircraft and two ground stations included in the deal will be delivered within six months.

Ucon unveiled the RemoEye 006 and the larger long-range RemoEye 015 last year after negotiating market rights for the Korean Aerospace Research Institute's Durumi UAV (Flight International 29 June-5 July 2004). Choi also hopes to sell the RemoEye 006 to the armed forces of Saudi Arabia and Vietnam after evaluations scheduled for later this month. The South Korean army is also evaluating the UAV to support platoon and company level units.

Meanwhile, a demonstration of the RemoEye 015 is planned for the Indonesian army in late April or early May. The craft has a 3.2m (10.5ft) wingspan, 50km (27nm) range, maximum speed of 92kt (170km/h), endurance of 4h and maximum take-off weight of 15kg, compared with the smaller RemoEye 006's 2.7m wingspan, 10km range, 40kt maximum speed, 1.5h endurance and 6kg maximum take-off weight.


Source: Flight International