Management at US Airways has launched an evaluation of elimination its fleet of 25 Embraer E-190s through direct sales or subleases.

Today during an earnings call with analysts and investors carrier President Scott Kirby said the fleet represents roughly 2.5% of total consolidated capacity at US Airways, and cutting the fleet would give the carrier additional flexibility to reduce its available seat miles.

Kirby also explains the E-Jet represent a small sub-fleet whose elimination could also create operational gains for the carrier. The aircraft are also in demand globally, so US Airways believes getting rid of the E-Jets is something the carrier "can effectively implement from a financial perspective", says Kirby.

US Airways owns the 25 aircraft, and company chief executive Doug Parker stresses the potential cutting of E-Jets from its fleet is not to raise liquidity, but to enhance long-term profitability.

In August 2005 US Airways issued a request for proposal to regional partners Air Wisconsin, Mesa Air Group and Republic Airways Holdings to operate up to 25 E-190s once it merged with America West.

But after mainline pilot protests a transition deal was ratified by America West and US Airways pilots to limit E-190 flying to mainline operations.

Source: Air Transport Intelligence news