Video images have emerged depicting the moment that a Delta Air Lines Boeing 747-400 shunted a tow-tractor while preparing to park at an airbridge.

The aircraft appears to be parked at New York JFK's Terminal 3, gate 6, with a tractor and ramp personnel approaching the nose-gear.

Another ramp worker seems to run towards the gate in order to stand in the line of sight of the cockpit and signal to the pilots, possibly showing the 'stop' instruction with raised crossed arms.

Shortly afterwards the worker drops his arms and starts walking back towards the aircraft but, seconds later, the 747 begins moving forward.

Two of the ground personnel scatter from under the right-hand side of the jet, with the connecting towbar for the tractor, while a third runs to the left. The aircraft travels about 10-15m, striking the tractor and pushing it backwards, before coming to a halt.

Images of the incident seem to have been taken from a surveillance camera, with a time-stamp which suggests the event took place on 14 August this year.

Source: Flight International