French company Michelin has a strong presence at the show this year with an emphasis on the expanding tyre retreading capabilities.

With a new retreading site in Zurich, Switzerland, now complementing the existing ones in Bourges and Cuneo in Italy, the company feels it can now offer a more complete service to customers. Bourges and Cuneo will continue to retread radials while Zurich will concentrate on bias tyres.

The first manufacturer to use radial technology for aircraft tyres back in 1981 when they were fitted to the Mirage III, Michelin now has radials approved for use on all Airbus aircraft and on the recent Boeing.

The higher cooling capacity of radials means they are well suited to the demands of military aircraft where there is a requirement for quick turnaround between landing and take-off. For commercial manufacturers and airlines the benefits come from the increase in the number of landings per casing.

Source: Flight Daily News