The two-man crew of the Su-30MK that crashed at the show on Saturday, last night sensationally blamed the show organisers for the disaster.

Sukhoi chief test pilot Viacheslav Averianov (right) and navigator Vladimir Shendrik said the organiser's decision to cut their display from eight to six minutes was to blame. "We were forced to introduce changes to our programme," Averianov claimed, "resulting in a loss of height which was difficult to predict. I tried to avoid houses and sadly the aircraft's tail touched the ground and I initiated a command ejection sequence."

Meanwhile Sukhoi could face a ban from future air displays at Le Bourget. Edmond Marchegay, Paris air show director, says the accident will certainly trigger complaints from Le Bourget residents fearful of reckless flying activity. He said the matter is to be investigated by the French defence ministry and, if the pilots are found wanting for flying below the minimum altitude, then Sukhoi could have constraints placed on their future activities at the show.

Source: Flight Daily News