London Airport Strike

An unofficial strike is threatened at London Airport over the forthcoming transfer of B.E.A Engineers from Northolt. Some of the Northolt men are members of the Aeronautical Engineers' Association, which is not affiliated to the T.U.C., and a number of members of affiliated unions at L.A.P. have refused to work together with Ae.E.A. men. A meeting of the engineering and maintenance panel of the National Joint Council for Civil Air Transport, on Monday last, failed to find a solution to the problem.

Notes on Rubber

Those concerned with the development and use of components incorporating rubber will find a great deal of useful guidance in a technical memorandum produced by Precision Rubbers Ltd., Bagworth, Leicestershire, under the title Synthetic and Natural Rubbers and their Uses. The properties of these often formidably named materials (e.g. butadiene-acrylonitrile copolymers) are reviewed, and their performance and durability under various conditions critically appraised.


Mr. R. G. McCoy, general manager of Central African Airways, who was fined £50 for assault by caning an air hostess who had failed to strap herself in when an aircraft was landing, handed in his resignation immediately after the case had concluded. Thefollowing day a meeting of the airline's staff association, which represents all employees except pilots, passed a vote of confidence in Mr. McCoy.

It was recently announced in the House of Lords, by Lord Leathers, that B.O.A.C had anticipated one of the recommendations of the French investigations into the forced landing by a Hermes in the Sahara by requiring the holder of a flight navigator's licence to be included in the crew of aircraft operating on the Tripoli-Kanu route. The other recommendations, he said, were being considered.

Source: Flight International