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Flight 6.4.1956

Inside the Tu-104

Few people were permitted to look inside the Tu-104 during the six days it was parked, cordoned off, at London Airport Central. From the comments of the officially privileged few who were so fortunate, however, it is possible to present a fair picture of the airliner’s interior. The general impression was that finish 50 years TNand workmanship was first-rate, but that the styling was somewhat rococo. Accommodation was arranged for 50, there being one main cabin aft for 28, and four small V.I.P. Pullman-type saloons. There was no dominant colour scheme, but (again typically Russian) much woodwork, including dark polished frames around each window. Cabin width (more than 11ft) was generous, and there seemed to be plenty of space for at least 70 tourist passengers. Two lavatories, accesable via separate washrooms, were right aft – as in the Comet – against the pressure bulkhead.

Cranes Jib

A recent Notice to Airmen issued by the Canadian Transport Department warns pilots to keep above 2,000ft over the Wood Buffalo National Park in the Northwest Territories. It seems that a rare bird, the fast vanishing whooping crane, has been seriously disturbed by low-flying aircraft.

New Austrian Airline

The creation of a new airline, Austrian Airways, was announced in Vienna on March 23rd. The new operator is backed by the Scandinavian Airlines System, who are to own 40 per cent of the shares, and who will provide training personnel and flying crews as well as aircraft. Services will start in the summer using DC-6Bs and Convair Metropolitans on routes from Vienna to London, Rome, Zurich, Frankfurt, Copenhagen and Oslo.

Source: Flight International