The A380 is scheduled to land in the United States of America for the first time at JFK International Airport, New York at 17:30 GMT (12:30  Eastern).

Flightglobal will publish further coverage following the aircraft's touchdown.

On Saturday 17 March, Lufthansa began its commercial route-proving exercise for the new Airbus A380 in cooperation with Airbus.

The twelve-day programme includes several “premieres”.

The route-proving schedule includes the following flights and ground tests:

Saturday, 17 March 11:30 hrs: Touchdown of the Airbus A380 at Frankfurt Airport arriving from Toulouse
Sunday, 18 March Comprehensive ground tests at Frankfurt Airport
Monday, 19 March 9:00 hrs: Departure for New York
Tuesday, 20 March A380 flight from New York to Chicago
Wednesday, 21 March Return flight to New York
Thursday, 22 March

Flight from New York to Frankfurt
10:30 hrs: Arrival in Frankfurt

Friday, 23 March 15:30 hrs: Flight departs Frankfurt for Hong Kong
Saturday, 24 March Hong Kong
Sunday, 25 March Return flight from Hong Kong to Frankfurt, landing at 15:10 hrs
18:00 hrs: Flight departs Frankfurt for Washington
Monday, 26 March Washington
Tuesday, 27 March Return flight to Frankfurt
12:00 hrs: Arrival in Frankfurt, further ground tests
Wednesday, 28 March 11:00 hrs: Flight departs Frankfurt for Munich
12:30 hrs: Arrival in Munich
17:30 hrs: A380 departs Munich for Toulouse

(All dates in Frankfurt time)



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