The Airbus A380 supplement (1.7MB), jointly published by Flight International and Airline Business is now available online. This document provides an incisive analysis of the opportunities and issues surrounding the introduction of the largest passenger aircraft ever. We also produced a cutaway drawing of the A380 (1.5 MB). And send us an email if you would like to be kept up-to-date regarding cutaways. Click here to download the PDF (2.1MB) of our very first A380 supplement published in 2003.


News stories and features:

Boeing 747-8 vs A380: A titanic tussle
Asiana considers both Airbus A380 and Boeing 787 orders, rejects A350
Airbus dismisses 747 launch as A380 colours go on display
Launch Airbus A380 customer Singapore Airlines aircraft livery completed in Toulouse
A380 comes into the cold
Pictures: Additional photos from Airbus A380 cold weather trials in Iqaluit
PICTURE: A380 to fly in SIA colours at Asian Aerospace
More pictures: Airbus A380 in Colombia and Guadeloupe
Airbus A380 arrives in Canadian Arctic city of Iqaluit for cold weather trials
A380 powers on through flight-test
A380 arrives in Colombia ahead of hot and high tests
Airbus A380’s Engine Alliance GP7200 powerplant FAA certificated
PICTURES: GP7200 engine installed on Airbus A380 test aircraft
Airbus stalls on Alliance A380 first flight target
Airbus A380’s Engine Alliance GP7200 powerplant FAA certificated
ICAO warns on A380 wake vortices
Part 2: Waking up to the problems of vortex
Part 3: Early flight testing yields encouraging results
Airbus disputes A380 wake ruling
A380 wake tests prompt call to reassess all large aircraft

Source: Flight International