Bolivia’s number two airline is exploiting the confusion that continues at Lloyd Aéreo Boliviano (LAB).

Fourteen year old Aerosur has already passed LAB in the domestic market, claiming 66% of all traffic compared to LAB’s 24%. Now Aerosur is starting to gain an international presence.

Bolivia’s civil aviation director has limited Aerosur’s foreign growth mostly to charters, but the airline is acquiring scheduled route authority where bilaterals allow dual designation. Aerosur launched flights to Madrid earlier this year with a Boeing 747 wet-leased from Spain’s Air Plus Comet. In August it launched thrice weekly Miami flights on its own, and has announced plans to serve Lima, Asuncion and Salta.

LAB continues to lurch from one crisis to another. A rescue plan by UK-based Trans Atlantic Aviation (TAA) collapsed in August. Despite repeated calls, Bolivia’s government insists it will not bail out the union-managed carrier. ■

Source: Airline Business