Twenty Airbus A330-900s for an undisclosed customer have been added to the airframer’s production backlog, its latest monthly figures reveal.

The order, placed on 15 May, takes overall firm A330neo commitments to more than 300.

Airbus has not identified the customer, although Vietnamese budget carrier Vietjet disclosed a provisional agreement for 20 A330neos in February which it aimed to finalise within a few weeks.

The airframer’s data also shows lessor Nordic Aviation Capital has agreed to take seven A321neos, the only other order recorded in May.

But Nordic Aviation Capital’s previous order for 20 A220s – placed at the end of 2019 – appears to have been reduced by 12 aircraft.

It had previously been allocated five A220-100s and 15 A220-300s, but only eight A220-300s remain in the lessor’s backlog.

The changes bring Airbus’s net orders to 237 for the first five months of this year.

Airbus also delivered 256 aircraft over the same period, including 17 A350s, 10 A330s and 229 single-aisle jets.


Source: Airbus

Total A330neo orders have reached 319 including 307 of the -900 variant