This Flight International Third-Party Airliner Maintenance Directory Part 1 covers companies in the Americas and is an update of the information published in the issue of 10-16 July, 1996.

Part II, covering Africa, Asia, the CIS, the Middle East and Australasia/ Pacific Rim, is to be published in our 28 May-3 June issue. Part III, covering Europe, will be in our 22 -28 October issue.

The tables are arranged in alphabetical order, by company within country. They are designed to provide a simple indication of the level of heavy-maintenance capability offered to other airlines or to operators of other manufacturers' engines or aircraft. A few companies which maintain aircraft and engines may not appear, since they do not meet the criteria of serving third parties or of handling aircraft weighing 5,700kg or more (or their engines).

Companies which specialise in components rather than whole airframes or engines are not included at present. We have chosen not to list those companies which only provide A checks/line maintenance because of current magazine space limitations. This will be reviewed in the future.

Companies which have not received our questionnaire but which believe they meet those criteria should contact Flight International if they wish to be included in future editions.

Source: Flight International