Central European budget carrier Wizz Air is expecting deliveries of up to 35 Airbus aircraft to be delayed over the course of fiscal 2025-26.

The airline disclosed the figure during a full-year briefing, as it outlined its latest fleet projections.

Wizz is aiming to receive its first long-range A321XLR in the current fiscal year, as part of a batch of 27 A321neos being delivered over the period.

These will take its overall fleet to 227 aircraft by the end of March 2025 – among them the single XLR and 147 other A321neos.

Wizz A321neo-c-Wizz Air

Source: Wizz Air

Wizz expects delivery of 27 A321neos this year including its first A321XLR

Wizz states that, while its capacity will remain flat this year, it aims to hike capacity by 20% in fiscal 2025-26.

Its contractual delivery schedule for 2025-26 would take its fleet to just under 300 aircraft, including 10 XLRs.

But it states that, while its 2024-25 fleet projection includes communicated Airbus delivery delays, the 2025-26 forecast does not.

“The company expects 30-35 aircraft to be delayed in [fiscal 2025-26],” the carrier states.

Wizz Air’s delivery backlog, at the end of March this year, totalled 326 aircraft including 47 A321XLRs, 266 A321neos, and 13 A320neos.