Sofreavia has been awarded two European Investment Bank-funded contracts by the Tanzanian Government to upgrade air navigation, communication and safety equipment at Dar-es-Salaam International Airport and Kilimanjaro International Airport. The contract at Dar-es-Salaam calls for new radio navigation, communication and meteorological equipment, including Sofreavia's ATALIS 2 aeronautical information system, with flight data processing and billing subsystems. The control tower at Kilimanjaro will be refurbished, while another ATALIS 2 system will be installed, connected to the Dar-es-Salaam system. The work is due for completion by the end of next year. Croatia's Osijek-Klisa Airport is to be re-opened for commercial traffic, according to local press reports. General manager Darko Markovic says that €2.7 million ($2.4 million) has been invested in infrastructure at the airport, which was formerly Yugoslavia's main cargo hub. Scheduled services to Belgrade, Pula and Zagreb are being considered, as well as cargo services.

Source: Flight International