-Augsburg Airport, near Munich, is to undergo a DM50 million ($31 million) upgrade. It will involve the introduction of a new passenger terminal, a runway extension to accommodate aircraft up to the size of the Airbus A319, and the installation of instrument landing systems at both ends. Work is due to be completed by late 2000, and will double the airport's annual capacity to 500,000 passengers.

-Reconstruction work on Talaga Airport in the Archangelsk region has begun. The airport is being expanded to enable it to serve Russian's northern space launch centre at Plesetsk. DaimlerChrysler Aerospace is prime contractor for the improvement project.

-The Dutch Ministry of Transport has ordered Schiphol Airport to close its main runway 27/09 between 23:00h and 06:00h until 31 December. The decision was made to meet the airport's complex noise abatement rules which stipulate the amount of decibels the surrounding area can legally be exposed to annually. Meanwhile, Schiphol International BV, a 100% subsidiary of Schiphol, has offered to buy a 15% shareholding in Grupo Aeropuertuario del Sureste of Mexico, which runs nine airports in south-east Mexico. The airports, which are being privatised, are Cancun, Merida, Cozumel, Villahermosa, Oaxaca, Veravruz, Huatulco, Tapachula and Minantitlan. In 1999 Mexico will also privatise airports of the Pacific Group and the North Center Group.

-Bristol International Airport, UK, has awarded a £22 million ($36 million) contract to AMEC Construction for the building of a new passenger terminal, scheduled to open in early 2000.

-Legend Airlines has asked the US Federal Aviation Administration to withhold federal funding from the City of Fort Worth for allegedly violating conditions for receiving federal airport funds. The new entrant says the city is discriminating against carriers attempting to provide interstate service at Dallas Love Field.

Source: Flight International