A group headed by Swiss-based ABB Equity Ventures has been selected to develop a new terminal for the airport at Egypt's Sinai tourist resort of Sharm al Shaikh. Total investment is estimated at $170 million. The terminal will be built on a 66,000m2 (710,500ft2 ) site and will require 12 air bridges. The new terminal at Belfast City Airport, due to open for business on 28 May, will enable annual passenger throughput to increase from the current 1.3 million to 2.2 million. New taxiways have also been constructed to reduce taxi times and therefore noise pollution. ARINC has started deploying its Wireless Dispatch Service (WDS) at North American airports, with New York Newark to be the first hub to come on-line by 10 September. WDS supports mission-critical 'always-on' voice and data dispatch operations at airport ramps, terminals and cargo facilities, and can be linked by ARINC network services to connect ground crew, flight operations and air crew to allow fast aircraft turnarounds. The service, based on Motorola's iDen technology, will replace analogue systems, providing six times more channels than the older technology. A decision is expected soon from the Australian Government on the use of a new radar system at Sydney Kingsford Smith Airport to allow an increase in the airport's capacity during low-visibility operations. The use of a precision runway monitor (PRM) system is not currently permitted for approaches to the airport from the north over suburban areas due to opposition from local residents, who are concerned that PRM will alter traffic patterns and create a greater noise nuisance. Montreal Dorval airport is to undergo a three-phase expansion which should be completed by 2009 at a cost of C$716 million ($465 million). The first phase includes expanding the current Dorval terminal and will be completed by 2003. Later a new international wing will be built and new baggage facilities for US flights.

Source: Flight International