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  • Embraer - E190-E2 c Ian Langsdon_EPA_Shutterstock
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    Embraer eyes exit from anti-trust limbo


    Brazil’s Embraer ended 2019 facing some big tasks in 2020. With the first two members of its new three-aircraft E2 series of commercial aircraft performing well so far and the other in flight-testing, the regional jet manufacturer is anxiously awaiting regulatory approval to split off its commercial aircraft division and ...

  • Airbus c Airbus
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    Tackling production issues vital for Airbus to face off competition


    Airbus turns 50 years old – again – in 2020. While the European airframer chose to celebrate its half-century in 2019, using the partnership agreement signed in 1969 as a starting point, the official formation of the company took place in December 1970. Whether Airbus will be in the mood ...

  • Bombardier c Toms Kalnins_EPA-EFE_Shutterstock
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    Bombardier realises its transition with CRJ sale


    If all goes to plan, 2020 will go down as the year Bombardier ends a 34-year sojourn in commercial aviation. The company expects to sell its CRJ programme to Mitsubishi Heavy Industries in 2020, handing the last portion of a once mighty regional portfolio to the parent of the company ...

  • Japanese Fighter c USAF
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    Decision looms for F-2 successor


    The new year promises to bring greater focus on Tokyo’s plans to develop a fighter to replace its Mitsubishi F-2, with a purely indigenous development or with foreign help. News about the F-3 – also known as the “future fighter” – continues to trickle out. Tokyo prefers leading a programme ...

  • Quantum 1 c Max Kingsley-Jones_FlightGlobal
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    Industry must grasp ‘technology shift’


    Obvious to casual observers and enthusiasts alike is the dramatic technological development trajectory of a century of aviation. But while enthusiasts attuned to very fine details may have more to say about recent developments, casual observers will legitimately note that aircraft are much the same as they have been for ...

  • MH17
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    Ukraine mired in airliner shoot-down for third time in 20 years


    For the third time in less than 20 years Ukrainian authorities are likely find themselves under pressure in the aftermath of a fatal surface-to-air missile attack on a civil airliner. Admission by the Iranian government that a Ukraine International Airlines Boeing 737-800 was inadvertently brought down by such a ...

  • UIA 737 crash in Iran
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    Experts detail factors that may have led Iranian missile crews to down Ukrainian 737


    Though the cause of the Ukraine International Airlines crash remains unconfirmed, defence experts suspect high stress and poor civilian-military coordination led ill-trained missile units to mistakenly shoot down the Boeing 737-800.

  • Boeing 737 Max
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    Boeing releases ‘damning’ employee correspondence about Max


    Boeing has released more than a hundred pages of documents to the US Congress, including internal text messages and emails which include language that mocks airline customers, the Federal Aviation Administration and other regulators, as the planemaker navigated the certification process of the now-grounded 737 Max.

  • c Underwood Archives_UIG_Shutterstock
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    How aviation is falling behind when it comes to cybersecurity


    Many industries have encouraged independent security researchers’ efforts to help make their systems cyber secure - but aviation has some catching up to do

  • Gina Russo c Corporate Angel Network
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    How business aviation gives flight to angels


    They may be known as rich men’s toys, but private jets are now increasingly being used to get cancer sufferers to vital medical assistance, thanks to one determined US charity, the Corporate Angel Network

  • MH370
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    How the airline story unfolded across the last decade


    A year-by-year view of some of the key images, stories and themes that helped shape development of the airline industry since 2010 and are setting the agenda as a new decade begins

  • Delta Air Lines Airbus A220-100
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    How the airline industry grew profitable over the decade


    While IATA has downgraded its industry outlook for 2019, the airline sector as a whole still capped an unprecedented run of profits by completing a decade in the black.

  • B737 Max 8 cockpit
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    Intense scrutiny on Boeing overshadows unaddressed lessons from 737 Max crashes


    Boeing’s 737 Max updates have largely addressed concern about the aircraft’s flight control system, however broader risks involving pilot training and aircraft maintenance remain unresolved, say aviation safety experts and commercial pilots. 

  • 2010s cover collage
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    Powering into our eleventh decade


    The last in our series of articles marking Flight’s 110 years in aviation publishing examines how the magazine has come of age, and the challenges ahead for the aerospace sector

  • Ethipoian Airlines Boeing 787-800 MAX crash wreckage
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    2019 year in review

    For the big aviation story of the year to be a crash is not so unusual; the history of flight has been punctuated by disaster. But there is no discussing 2019 without reference to Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302.

  • Gulfstream G700
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    All-new G700 is Gulfstream’s bigger, faster promise to regain business jet crown


    The past year has been one in which Gulfstream fired back against competitors, launching an aircraft that is set to help the company regain its slot in the top echelon of the traditional business jet market. That, of course, is the G700, a large-cabin jet that Gulfstream launched at the ...

  • Richard Branson, founder of Virgin Galactic outside the NYSE at the company's IPO
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    Virgin Galactic gains its wings


    It’s been a busy year for Virgin Galactic, the Richard Branson-led bid to shape the future of human spaceflight. After some 15 years in development marked by delays and two fatal accidents – one on the ground and one in flight – 2019 opened with the hangover of celebrations from ...

  • Qantas 100 Boeing 787 Dreamliner
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    Qantas takes a long shot with Project Sunrise


    On 14 November, Qantas made the second of three research flights – under the ambit of its ambitious Project Sunrise – by flying a brand-new Boeing 787-9 from London to Sydney direct, carrying only 50 passengers and crew

  • H-6
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    China flexes air power muscles


    Beijing’s vast military parade on 1 October offered further insight into its thinking about how to keep enemies on the back foot in its near seas.

  • Thomas Cook employees protest
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    Airlines remain under pressure


    Collective airline profits are likely to end 2019 still relatively high by the industry’s historical performance standards, if short of their more recent peaks. But several high-profile failures mean it feels like anything but a banner year for the sector.