HONEYWELL AND Pelorus Navigation Systems have sold an SLS-1000 satellite landing-system for installation at Armidale Regional Airport in New South Wales, Australia.

With certification planned for the second quarter of 1996, this will be the first local-area differential global-positioning-system (DGPS) in Australia, says purchaser Dumaresq Shire Council.

Dumaresq Shire is located in the northern tablelands of New South Wales, where tourism is expected to be a growth industry. Passenger numbers at Armidale are projected to increase by 15-20% a year, Honeywell/Pelorus says. It is the highest commercial airport in Australia, at 3,556ft (1,084m) above sea level, and has services to Sydney and Brisbane.

The airport elevation, coupled with severe weather conditions, can create difficulties in approach, and the increased navigation accuracy provided by the Category 1 DGPS landing-system - 1.5m horizontally and 2m vertically - will decrease airport minima, Honeywell/Pelorus says. The US avionics and Canadian navigation-aid manufacturers joined forces in February to develop DGPS landing-systems.

Source: Flight International