Wencor (Hall 2B, H1) is to install its digEsystem lightweight in-flight entertainment (IFE) system in the Spectrum economy-class seat produced by leading cabin products manufacturer B/E Aerospace.

digEsystem eliminates the complex and heavy cabin infrastructure required by traditional IFE systems and is easier to certificate and maintain. It will be offered as a certificated option on the Spectrum seat.

digEsystem is based on Wencor's handheld digEplayer, with the exception that the passenger unit - called the Embedded Digital Video Player (eDVP) - will run off standard in-seat power from Astronics, KID-Systeme or Page Aerospace and will have an IEEE 802.11a wireless network capability.

B/E Aerospace digEsystem

Also fitted with a stereo audio jack on the front panel, the eDVP has an 8in LCD screen with built-in button controls for on/off, brightness, channel and volume. Its hard disc contains the Linux operating system, a suite of applications, an HTML browser, and an on-demand library of content such as audio, video and other media forms.

A credit-card reader allows the capture of payment data, easing flight attendant workload when the system is used for paid services. "digEsystem is a nice complement to Spectrum," says Kenneth Rusterholz, VP of seating products at B/E Aerospace. "It gives our customers a cost-effective way of putting IFE on to both new and existing single-aisle aircraft."

Source: Flight Daily News