Champagne corks are popping at British Aerospace after the company won a number of new contracts for radar systems.

BAe sold its 200th AWS naval surveillance radar system, bringing the total number of AWS customers to 20 worldwide.


The £10 million ($16 million) contract, with a buyer which cannot be named for contractual reasons, was for AWS-9(3-D) surveillance

and target acquisition radars.


The AWS family dates back more than 35 years but, as a testament to its longevity, more than 50% of the systems supplied are still in

active use today.




The latest AWS-9(2-D) and (3-D) variants form the basis of both the Royal Navy and other NATO navies air defence capabilities.


Another recent sale was for the supply of AWS-6 equipment to the Royal Danish Navy. The new equipment will improve the

performance of its radar systems and give enhanced identification friend or foe capabilities.


An agreement has also been signed with CEA Technology of Canberra, Australia to co-develop an X-band illuminator which will enable

missiles to lock on to their targets.




The development programme will last two years and will help support BAe's efforts to win the ANZAC Warfighting Improvement

Programme, worth more than £1.5 billion.


Finally, the company's Defence Systems arm is also awaiting the final contract for its SAMPSON multi-function active phased array

radar, which will be fitted to the Royal Navy's new frigates.

Source: Flight Daily News