The ashes of Montgomery Scott, better known engineer “Scotty” on the classic sci-fi TV series Star Trek, flew alongside another special payload on UP Aerospace's SpaceLoft-2 rocket suborbital sounding rocket launched from a New Mexico space port on April 28.

View a video of the SL-2 rocket launch below...

The companion package held the “ingredients” of what space commercialization company, Albuquerque-based Microgravity Enterprises Inc (MEI), say is the “first true space beer”.

Don’t start salivating yet though, space fans. Linda Strine, spokeswoman for the company, says said ingredients, the amounts and types of which are secret and patented, will be delivered next week to a “production facility” that in the span of a month will generate an otherworldly brew called Comet Tail Ale.

"We flew enough ingredients to support almost a year's worth of production," says Darryl Hupfer, MEI’s executive vice president of sales and marketing.

Along with marketing the beer and two other space-laced products – an energy drink called Antimatter and a water dubbed Space2O -- MEI is in the business of seeking out extra space on a variety of booster rockets to give itself and other entrepreneurs the opportunity to develop space-themed products.