French firm Biodecap has gone back to nature with a new product which strips paint off metal, composites and plastics on aircraft.

The product, called Biodecap, is made from wheat, and can be seen for the first time in Hall 4/B2.

The patented process mixes flour with water for a 'dough' that is baked until hard and then made into small particles - a completely natural product.


Sales and Marketing Manager Pierre Quatannens (left) says: "It is an environmentally-friendly product which can be disposed of easily and safely.

"It is flexible too, as it can strip the material coat by coat, either back to the primer or to the raw material if necessary. With sanding, the alternative process, it is all or nothing.

"It is also a dust-free process, which means that maintenance on aircraft can be carried out at the same time, reducing down-time."

Source: Flight Daily News