The first indication that the UK's Beagle 2 Mars craft has landed safely on the Red Planet's surface in December 2003 will be the transmission of five-note harmony with a familiar tone.

Two members of the band Blur have joined with Beagle 2's creator, professor Colin Pillinger, to give the project a real Brit image rather than the esoteric science mission it is. Blur's Alex James was invited to Farnborough in 1998 by Pillinger to see the space exhibits at the Show, particularly Beagle 2.


James thought of involving Blur by working with band member Damien Hirst to write music on the flip side of one of their recent hits. The notes sounding the arrival of Beagle 2 will come from this music. James is a space fan and believes that "nothing can be so tangible to the public than putting something on the surface of a planet". He laments the lack of interest in science and finds it rather ridiculous that his group "gets more attention we demand". Beagle is real news and "we want to do anything we can to help", says James.

Source: Flight Daily News