Flight International online news 08:55: Boeing is to attempt to set a new record for non-stop flying with a 777-200LR tomorrow, with a planned 23hr flight between Hong Kong and London going the 'wrong way' around the world.


The airframe manufacturer says the aircraft will fly eastbound from Hong Kong to London Heathrow, instead of westbound as normal for the route. The 777-200LR is expected to arrive at Heathrow at 13:25 tomorrow “after flying non-stop for around 23hr and setting a new record for the furthest distance flown by a commercial aircraft in its category”, it adds.

Boeing’s ultra-long-range 777-200LR twinjet is currently in its flight test programme and the record attempt for the longest commercial aircraft flight has been planned for some time. The manufacturer has said it hopes to exceed the previous distance record that was set in April 1997 by a 777-200ER that flew 10,800nm (20,045km) between Seattle and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in 21hr 23min.

The manufacturer has orders from Pakistan International Airlines, which is due to take delivery in January and use the aircraft to fly non-stop to New York, EVA Air of Taiwan, Air France and Air Atlanta Icelandic.

Source: Flight International