ExecuJet South Africa has launched business aircraft membership programme JustFly, which calls for an advance payment for an initial number of flight hours using a preferred aircraft type. As flights are completed, the balance of flight hours reduces. Should the primary aircraft not be used, another appropriate aircraft type is offered and hours deducted on a pro-rata basis dependent upon the aircraft type. Three programmes are sold in packages of 25h, 50h and 100h of flight time.


EMS Sky Connect, a division of EMS Technologies, has clinched US supplemental type certification for its Forté in-flight phone, paving the way for the system to be installed on large-cabin Gulfstream G-IV business jets. It says the Forté phone system "delivers full in-flight functionality, including email access, for less than $20,000".


Cessna has received US approval for its flight instructor safety standdown, a first for any aircraft original equipment manufacturer, it says. The safety standdown is a training seminar designed for flight instructors, flight instructor candidates and commercial pilots who may have an interest in becoming flight instructors. Cessna's first event is scheduled for 13-14 June in San Diego, California.


Shell Brazil has acquired the arm of sugar and ethanol producer Cosan that is responsible for the distribution of aviation fuels. The acquisition is a strategic move for Shell Aviation in Brazil and will strengthen its position in the country's aviation sector, the oil giant says. Cosan acquired this business segment from Esso in 2008. In the same year Shell Aviation marketed about 1.6 billion litres (420 million USgal) in more than 50 airports throughout Brazil, while Cosan's supply reached around 560 million litres across seven airports.

Source: Flight International